Avoid 3 Common Furnace Problems By Following 1 TipFurnace problems are more likely to happen when homeowners neglect to service their equipment. Preventive maintenance keeps the system free of dirt that wreaks havoc on internal components, stressing the system, increasing wear and tear, and causing furnaces problems such as frequent cycling, a reduction in airflow or too little heat. Learn the causes of furnace problems, and why maintenance helps homeowners sidestep common issues.

Cycling problems

Dirt buildup on the air filter or blower can lead to furnace problems such as frequent on and off cycling. Increased cycling means the furnace consumes more energy to operate, and it increases wear and tear on the components. Additionally, cycling problems ultimately limit interior comfort. Changing the air filter regularly will help, but maintenance is required to keep the blower and other components clean.

Airflow problems

A reduction in airflow may be caused by dirt buildup on the system’s coil (if the homeowner uses a furnace and air conditioner combined), blower, registers, air filter and more.  Neglecting the furnace can also lead to problems with the motor such as improper lubrication or dirt that impedes operation. A maintenance technician can identify the problem areas, replace components as necessary, and/or clean the system.

Heat problems

Too little heat is one of those furnace problems that causes homeowners to act swiftly. The burner, heat exchanger and fan motor are some of the key components in generating heat. Wear and tear, buildup and damaged parts can negatively impact the furnace’s ability to generate heat, a factor homeowners become keenly aware of, quickly.


The key to avoiding furnace problems lies in the regularity with which homeowners schedule annual service. The care given to a furnace system can have a major effect on the equipment’s efficiency, your home comfort and how long the system will last. Neglect to service the unit, and you’ll no doubt pay for it down the line.

With our expertise at Mowery Heating, Cooling and Plumbing, furnace problems will be prevented for the most part, but addressed immediately otherwise. Contact us today for more information about our maintenance plans or for emergency service. We’ve served homeowners in the greater Indianapolis area since 1970.

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