Your Furnace Filter: So Easy To Change, So Easy To OverlookWith the temperature dropping, you may have begun to winterize your home, but have you changed your furnace filter yet? Though many homeowners tend to take on an “out of sight, out of mind” approach to checking their filters, the fact stands that this simple task is critical to system efficiency and effectiveness. Here are three reasons why changing your furnace filter should take precedence this winter: 

1. Prevent failure – Did you know that dirty filters are the leading cause of HVAC system failure? This is because a filter that is clogged with debris will restrict the flow of air to your system’s air handler. This, in turn, puts an added strain on the handler fan motor, which can cause motor burnout, system overheating or total equipment failure. On top of this, a dirty filter can also allow dirt and debris to settle on your HVAC systems and ductwork. This can also lead to a decreased system lifespan, resulting in costly repair or replacement expenses. The small investment made in changing your furnace filter is critical to the longevity and performance of your HVAC equipment.

2. Improve indoor air quality – A dirty filter can reduce your home’s indoor air quality. This can seriously aggravate health problems such as allergies and asthma, as well as lead to other illnesses.

3. Lower spending – Ignoring your furnace filter will lead to higher utility bills. This is because a clogged filter will cause your fan motor to work harder than necessary, over-using energy and possibly leading to system damages. Checking and changing the filter regularly can boost system efficiency, resulting in lower energy expenses.

When to change your furnace filter

Because every home is different, there’s no set period in which you should plan to change your filter. As a rule, it’s smart to check the filter at least once a month, and change as needed. Homes with smokers or pets may need their filters changed as often as monthly.

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