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Commercial HVAC & Plumbing in Indianapolis

Indianapolis-area businesses rely on their HVAC systems to provide comfort to their guests & employees throughout the year. It’s important to install the best commercial air system to last over the years, while also finding a reliable local company to service it.

For Indianapolis and surrounding area businesses, Mowery Heating & Cooling is the best choice for commercial installation and repair. Our technicians have years of experience and are ready to help you. We are available 24/7, which means when you call for help, you’ll receive fast, friendly repairs at affordable prices.

Refrigeration and HVAC systems are critical to your business, if a system goes down costs can skyrocket that’s why Mowery Heating & Cooling is ready to install, service, and maintain your commercial refrigeration and HVAC systems.

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  • Air filtering and air purification
  • Environmental/conditioning solutions for computer and server rooms
  • Installation and repair of Garbage Disposals, Ice Machines, Water Heaters and Water Softeners
  • Maintenance service agreements
  • Plumbing and drain and sewage cleaning
  • Radiant heat/unit heaters
  • Refrigeration, including walk-in coolers/freezers
  • Remodeling or retrofitting of existing units
  • Service ovens, fryers, exhaust hoods and makeup air hoods
  • Temperature control systems, including for multi-story buildings
  • Much more
6 Signs Suggesting You Need Commercial HVAC Service

6 Signs Suggesting You Need Commercial HVAC Service

Do you run a business in Indianapolis? If so, maybe you don't give a lot of thought when it comes to your commercial HVAC system until it starts to give you problems. However, it's extremely important that you recognize the common "red lights" suggesting trouble. Here...

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Quick, professional service and complete service plans to keep your system operating at peak efficiency. It’s all part of our tradition of service – assuring your complete satisfaction.