Attic Safety TipsMost homes have some or all of their HVAC equipment in their attic. Whether you find yourself heading up to the attic to perform some minor maintenance or you’re giving a technician access to your HVAC equipment, it’s important to be aware of these attic safety tips.

Most attic-related safety problems fall into three categories: problems related to falls, heat, and breathing/ventilation.

Attic Safety Tips

When you enter your attic, you have the potential danger of falling from the access ladder. You also have the potential of falling through the ceiling due to a misstep or rotten joist.

To minimize this risk, follow these tips:

  1. Make sure you have adequate light. A flashlight or hat with a head lamp will help you see where to put your feet.
  2. Plan ahead for what you need and bring it up with you. The fewer times you have to go up and down the ladder, the fewer chances you’ll have to fall. If you have a lot of tools or supplies to carry up the ladder, consider using a bucket or other carrying device.
  3. For better footing, lay boards across the joists along the path you’re walking and in the area where you’ll be working.

Attic Safety Tips to Avoid Breathing Problems
Most attics have two breathing hazards: insulation and dust. You can get a respirator or dust mask to help filter these lung irritants. Consider wearing a disposable coverall or old clothes you can change out of when you get down from attic to avoid spreading the contaminants around the main part of your house.

Attic Safety Tips to Avoid Heat-Related Problems
Since heat rises, your attic is typically hotter than the rest of your house or even the outside ground temperature. The earlier in the day you can get into the attic, the cooler it will be. Also, make sure to drink plenty of liquids if you’ll be up in the attic for any amount of time when it’s hot.

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