How Can Attic Insulation Help Save You Energy?If your home’s attic isn’t well insulated, you’re likely paying for it in excessive energy bills and decreased home comfort. Attic insulation is relatively easy to install and it also does the most good at saving energy when compared to other types of home insulation. Find out why attic insulation plays such a key role in an energy-efficient home.

Attic insulation’s main function is to reduce the transfer of heat between the attic and living spaces in your home, though it also can slow heat transfer between the attic and roof. During the heating season, without sufficient insulation, heat energy from your living spaces will transfer into the attic. This forces your HVAC system to work harder to heat your home, wasting energy, stressing equipment and impairing performance. In the same way, proper attic insulation in the summer helps air conditioning by reducing the amount of heat from a hot attic that infiltrates down into living spaces.

An attic that’s sufficiently insulated, ventilated and air-sealed also helps prevent damaging ice dams in the wintertime. Ice dams occur as a result of uneven heating in the attic, which melts snow on the roof that drains to the eaves and refreezes into a barrier. The resulting “dam” forces snowmelt to pool up and eventually drip into the attic or down walls, wreaking havoc on your house.

It’s important to realize that insulation’s main purpose is to slow heat transfer, not to block air (though some types of insulation will stop air movement). This is why any effective weatherization strategy should include both insulation and air sealing.

An insulation expert can help with your efforts to properly insulate the attic. He’ll help you choose the right type of insulation, both in material, style and R-value (a measure of heat resistance). Insulation options include blown-in, fiberglass batts or blankets, rigid-foam and spray foam. Each option has a different advantages and disadvantages.

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