Is a Whole-House Fan the Best Option for Your Home's Ventilation?Are you looking for ways to curb high cooling costs? If so, adding a whole-house fan can slash your energy usage by up to 70 percent. There are different types of whole-house fans available. Some are hung from an attic rafter and vented using flexible ducting, while others are installed directly in the ceiling and vented through the attic and roof.

Operation and Benefits of Whole-House Fans

Regardless of which type you choose, all whole-house fans operate on the same concept — the home’s windows are opened to allow the fan to rapidly draw in cool outdoor air and pull it up through the attic where it’s exhausted outdoors again.

Turning on the fan can cool down your home’s interior in just two to three minutes when it’s less than 85 degrees outdoors and warmer inside than outside.

Running the fan overnight during the milder spring and fall seasons may allow you to avoid running the A/C. Using it strategically in the early morning and late evening throughout the summer can significantly reduce the air conditioner’s daytime cooling load and energy consumption.

Whole-House Fan Purchasing and Installation Considerations

If you’ve decided to purchase a whole-house fan, ask a trusted HVAC pro for help with selection and installation. Keep these factors in mind as well:

  • Sizing – To operate properly, a new fan has to be correctly sized based on the home’s square footage.
  • Exhaust ventilation – You’ll need the right amount of exhaust ventilation installed to prevent pressurization issues that can compromise air quality.
  • Fan type – You can choose between a basic model that’s placed in the ceiling, an updated version with insulated, integrated doors or a ducted fan to reduce noise.
  • Features – There are dual- or multiple-speed models available, and a choice of controls like a simple on-off wall switch, rotary multispeed switch or timer unit.
  • Allergens – Outdoor air that’s introduced by the fan is likely to contain dust and pollen, which is a concern for anyone with allergies.

For expert advice about whether a whole-house fan is a good choice for your Indianapolis home, contact the comfort pros at Mowery Heating, Cooling and Plumbing.

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