HVAC maintenanceDo you schedule annual HVAC maintenance for your heating and cooling system? If not, you may be risking more than just a dwindling comfort level inside your house. Today’s furnaces and air conditioners are complex systems engineered for longer life and higher efficiency. However, getting the full advantage of this technology relies in part on regular HVAC maintenance by a qualified professional service technician. If maintenance is neglected, a number of things may occur, none of them positive.

  • Higher operating costs. Furnaces and air conditioners come with efficiency specifications that are directly related to operating costs. Regular HVAC maintenance ensures that the system continues to operate up to manufacturer’s specs and provide heating and cooling at the lowest cost possible. If maintenance is lacking, energy consumption and monthly costs will inevitably rise.
  • Lower comfort level. All parameters of indoor comfort — including temperature control, humidity, and air quality — rely on HVAC equipment that is fully functional. Regular maintenance helps assure that all components in the system operate properly and meet manufacturer’s original specifications.
  • Increased wear and tear. HVAC systems are subject to wear like any other mechanical device. However, components are engineered so that recommended regular maintenance procedures can minimize this factor. Without annual maintenance, the effects of wear and tear accumulate. Critical parts may require premature replacement, and system breakdowns may require an emergency service call — usually at the least-convenient time.
  • Shorter HVAC service life. According to major manufacturers, the average central air conditioner lasts about 15 years and the average gas furnace lasts up to 20 years. However, these figures are based entirely on the assumption that units receive annual preventative maintenance every year. Without it, HVAC systems may fail before their predicted time, resulting in the expense and inconvenience of early replacement.
  • Loss of warranty coverage. Most HVAC-unit warranties require written proof of annual preventative maintenance in order to receive warranty coverage for issues that may occur. Without it, the homeowner may have to absorb the cost of repair or replacement.

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