Preventive Maintenance: It Pays to Invest in ItIt’s easy to take your HVAC system for granted. You program your thermostat to comfortable temperatures that won’t drain your energy budget, and everybody’s happy. On the other hand, when something does go wrong with your furnace or A/C, wouldn’t you like to have the number to a trusted HVAC professional and receive VIP service when you need it most? Read on to learn how a preventive maintenance agreement can give you these benefits and many more.

Performance, IAQ and Safety

Your heating and cooling systems utilize many parts that need to be inspected, tested and cleaned on a regular schedule for optimal performance. When one part of your HVAC system begins faltering, it typically sets off a chain reaction. For example:

  • Efficiency: A leaky duct system stresses your furnace and central air system, which makes them consume more energy.
  • Comfort: A dirty evaporator makes it difficult for your A/C or heat pump to keep up with your home’s cooling load, and it obstructs airflow from your furnace.
  • Health and safety: The same leaky ducts and dirty components could cause back-drafting and circulate harmful gases and pollutants through your home.

Prevent Repairs and Replacement

Modern HVAC systems utilize electronic, computerized and mechanical components to heat, cool and ventilate your home. Scheduled preventive maintenance gives your HVAC technician the opportunity to catch minor problems in your HVAC network of parts before they become major repairs. As a result, your HVAC system may run more efficiently and last longer than the average service life.

Warranty Compliance

In the event your HVAC system suffers a major malfunction, wouldn’t you want your warranty to be valid? Regular professional maintenance gives you the peace of mind your system is operating at peak efficiency and major components are covered.

Special Discounts, VIP Service

Work with an HVAC company that gives you VIP service and discounts for doing business with them. A preventive maintenance agreement should provide you perks and privileges any time you need to call.

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