HVAC systemThis holiday season, why not do something special for your entire household and install a new HVAC system for everyone to enjoy? Of course, you only want to do an upgrade when it’s necessary, so we’ve compiled a list of five signs that the time to replace your system might be right now.

Your Equipment Is a Decade Old

All good things must come to an end, and that unfortunately includes the life of your HVAC system. Although the equipment used for the heating and cooling of your home is quite robust, once it hits 10 to 15 years old, you need to consider a change.

Repair Costs Are Too High

Every type of heating and cooling system is going to eventually need repairs. But if the next time you get the equipment checked by an HVAC technician, the repair costs are more than half the price of a new system, that’s a great reason for an upgrade.

Air Quality Isn’t Great

The air quality in your home is linked to the proper operation of your HVAC system. If you’ve been experiencing poor indoor air quality, this is one more sign that it may be time for your current heating or cooling equipment to go.

Energy Bills Have Gone Up

If your energy bills seem to be higher than normal and you haven’t been doing anything differently from the previous year, then your system might be the problem. Have it checked out by a professional who will help you ascertain whether it’s time for a replacement.

You’re Experiencing Strange Noises or Smells

Two of the most obvious signs that your equipment is having a problem is when you hear strange noises or smell strange odors coming from it. These are indications that the system is experiencing problems and should be replaced.

Christmas is the perfect excuse for spending some money on a new HVAC system for your home. For more expert advice on this or any other HVAC subject, reach out to the knowledgeable professionals at Mowery Heating and Cooling. We’ve been serving the needs of Indianapolis and the surrounding area for nearly 50 years.