Got a Noisy Sump Pump? Find a Pro to Fix the ProblemA noisy sump pump is trying to tell you something. If you don’t listen, you might end up with a flooded basement. Installed out of sight in an 18-inch basin in the basement floor, a sump pump spends most of its time on standby and usually doesn’t need much more than an annual check-up by a qualified plumber. When a noisy sump pump gets your attention, however, something’s wrong. Don’t wait until water damage strikes to get professional help to find out what it might be. Here are some possibilities.

Vibration Noises

A properly installed sump pump system shouldn’t vibrate excessively. If you hear loud sounds associated with vibration, it may be that the discharge pipe or the body of the pump itself is contacting the side of the basin. A plumber will reposition these components and secure them in place with rubber-insulated fasteners to dampen vibration.

Motor Sounds

The electric motor in a sump pump should not emit more than a smooth humming sound. Growling or squeaking noises when the pump is energized usually mean dry or worn motor bearings. If the bearings have oil ports, your plumber can try lubrication to eliminate noise. If the bearings are sealed, a new pump motor is probably the most feasible option.

Gurgling and Splashing

After the sump pump empties the basin and shuts off, a quantity of residual water remains in the vertical discharge pipe leading out of the basement. A check valve in the pipe prevents that water from flowing back into the basin. If the check valve is defective, you may hear the sound of water gurgling and splashing as it returns to the basin. A bad check valve is also a cause of excessive pump wear as the pump reactivates repeatedly as water returns to the basin and trips the float switch. A plumber will install a new spring-loaded check valve for more reliable operation.

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