Prevent Home Water Damage with an Efficient Sump PumpSump pumps are devices intended to prevent flooding and excess water accumulation in the lower parts of your home. A working sump pump that’s tested regularly can help prevent significant damages to your home from rainstorms, snow melt and running groundwater.

Sump Pump Operation

Sump pumps are usually placed in a pit or opening at the lowest point in your basement. This allows any water entering your basement to flow downward and into the pit. As the water rises, a float switch rises with it. When the water level in the pit reaches a specific level, the float switch activates the sump pump and the device pumps the water out of the pit, up a drain pipe and to a safe drainage point outdoors.

Testing a Sump Pump

Sump pumps should be tested regularly to make sure they still work properly and reliably. You can do this by:

  • Making sure the sump pump is properly connected to a power source.
  • Removing debris, dirt and other materials from the sump pit.
  • Filling the sump pit with water to the level needed for pump activation. You should make sure the float switch rises with the water level. If the pump still doesn’t work, call for repair or replacement.
  • Lifting the float switch by hand to activate the pump. If the pump doesn’t come on, call for repair or replacement.
  • Not letting the pump run for more than a few seconds without water in it, as this can damage or completely destroy the unit.
  • Running some clean water through a properly functioning sump pump to clean it out.
  • Making sure the drain pipe is in good condition and isn’t clogged, bent, or kinked.
  • Ensuring the outdoor drainage area is clear and ready to handle drain water.

It’s best to have your sump pump tested and maintained by a qualified plumbing professional.

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