When Your Sump Pump Isn't Doing the Job You ExpectedSpring and summer bring violent rain storms across central Indiana each year, and for many homeowners, that means flooding in the basement. Although a sump pump can help keep the moisture at bay, there are many issues that can keep your sump pump from functioning properly, leaving you vulnerable to water damage in your basement.

What can go wrong with your sump pump

Sump pumps, like other mechanical systems, are subject to a number of potential problems. If your pump isn’t functioning the way it should, you may have one of the issues listed below:

1. Switch failures. The most common cause of sump pump failures is an issue with the switch. Often, the pump will shift in the sump basin so that the switch is lodged against the side of the basin or a piece of debris can get lodged near the switch, preventing it from turning on.

2. Too small a basin. If the basin surrounding your sump pump is too small, the water has nowhere to drain and can overflow into your living area.

3. Air-lock. If your pump vibrates and fails to turn on occasionally, the problem could be a result of air-lock. When air gets into the discharge pipe and compresses, the water has nowhere to go. Avoid this by making sure that there is no debris clogging the hole in the discharge pipe.

4. No back-up system. Most sump pumps run on electricity, and if your power goes off, as so often happens during storms, the pump goes off, too. You can avoid a water disaster by adding a back-up pump that either runs on battery power or if you use city water, is activated by a change in water pressure.

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