As your furnace carries you through the Indiana winter, it’s important to keep it from getting overworked. Not only does this drive your energy bills up, it will cause the system to break down more frequently and ultimately shorten its life span. Here are some causes of winter HVAC strain to watch out for.

  • Clogged air filter. It’s important to change your air filter regularly. If it gets clogged with dirt and debris, air can’t flow through it as well. Less air means the system has to work harder to heat your home. The result is more strain, higher energy bills, and more repairs. Change the filter every three to six months to guard against clogging.
  • High thermostat setting. For most homes, your ideal thermostat setting is 68 degrees in winter. When things turn cold, it’s tempting to crank it up to 80 or higher, but this only wastes energy and puts unnecessary stress on your furnace. The higher the thermostat setting, the longer the system runs and the more quickly it wears out. As a rule, never set your thermostat higher than 75 degrees in winter to prevent winter HVAC strain.
  • Short cycling. If your system turns on and off repeatedly in rapid succession, it will burn out much more quickly. Short cycling can be caused by problems with your air filter, issues in your ventilation system, or having the wrong-size unit for your home. If you experience short cycling, call your HVAC technician to determine the cause.
  • Lack of maintenance. The quickest route to winter HVAC strain is to neglect your annual maintenance. Every fall, before heating season begins, call your HVAC technician to give your furnace a tuneup. They’ll inspect the inner and outer workings, make sure it’s operating at peak efficiency, replace failing components, and address any minor issues before they become big problems. The longer you go without furnace maintenance, the more likely your system is to become strained, breaking down more frequently and ultimately failing more quickly.

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