To ensure furnace efficiency, it’s often critical to look at the little things you do for your furnace that will add up over the long run. Three factors that significantly impact furnace efficiency include thermostat settings, annual maintenance and maintaining the ductwork. Take care of these three factors, and you’ll see results on your energy bills and in your home comfort.

The thermostat

The key to using your thermostat correctly lies in its connection to the furnace’s life span. Like your car, washing machine or any other electronic device, your furnace generally has a predetermined number of hours it will run over its entire lifetime. Therefore, you’ll preserve the system if you use the thermostat to set back the home’s temperature on a regular basis. Using a programmable device is really helpful to ensure regular setbacks. So, essentially, if you can decrease the amount of time you use your furnace, at night and when the home isn’t occupied, you’ll gain back precious hours of use. And, during the process, you’ll save energy by decreasing the home’s temperature, and see those savings on your monthly energy bills.

Annual maintenance

The primary way to ensure efficient results from your furnace, day in and day out, is to have it serviced regularly. Furnaces require annual maintenance to keep them clean and safe. And a clean, well-operating system will work as efficiently as possible, saving you money on energy bills. It also will last longer, giving you a bigger return on your investment.

The ductwork

The ductwork system distributes heated air, so if it’s performing under par — usually due to air leaks in the duct pipes — you’ll lose valuable conditioned air that your furnace works so hard to create. Take the time to evaluate your ductwork, and seal any leaks that occur with mastic sealant.

Take your home’s furnace efficiency to the next level by operating your thermostat correctly, scheduling annual maintenance and keeping ductwork well sealed. If you’d like a professional assessment of the efficiency of your home systems, or if you’d like to ask our experts a question, contact Mowery Heating, Air Conditioning and Plumbing. We proudly serve homeowners in the Greater Indianapolis area.

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