HVAC Products that are High-TechIf you follow the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, you might be dazzled by the array of products available that promise to make life faster and simpler. While many are just prototypes, there are HVAC products you can get immediately to make your home more comfortable and healthier.

Smart Thermostats

Although they’re not exactly brand new technology, the latest generation of smart thermostats do so much more with greater simplicity. If you’ve been putting off making your home smarter, this year may be the time to move forward. Some thermostats have mastered intuitive learning, which makes it possible for even the least tech-savvy homeowners to take advantage of everything such a thermostat can do to increase comfort and save energy dollars.

Air Quality Monitors

It’s easy to assume that your home’s air is among the cleanest you encounter, but in reality, it could rate near the top of the worst air you breathe. Considering how much air we breathe on a daily basis, indoor air quality monitors are useful HVAC products to use at home and at work. They’ll identify and measure the harmful constituents of your air. You and your HVAC professional can take the information and go forward with a plan to make the air you breathe healthier.

Air Purifiers

If you find that your air needs cleaning, consider the new generation of air purifiers. They not only take offensive particles out of the air, they’re also able to eliminate hazard gases like VOCs (volatile organic compounds). VOCs are part and parcel of modern living.

They come from many of the products we bring home, from plastics to cleaning supplies and candles. In the short term, they may be just irritating. In the long term, they can cause serious health problems. The newest generation of air purifying products use catalytic technology to eliminate the chemical threats our air is under.

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