With Smart Thermostats, You Can Take Control From AfarJust when you thought programmable thermostats couldn’t get any better, someone comes along and creates a more “intelligent” model. Smart thermostats are poised to take the industry by storm thanks to advanced features that enable even more control over our home energy use by allowing changes to be done when you’re away from home. Every Greater Indianapolis home should have one. Read on to find out why.

Programmable is the way to go

A huge number of homeowners across the nation have already discovered the benefits of a having a programmable thermostat. With easy-to-use temperature controls, digital displays, and – of course – the ability to program when your heating or cooling unit kicks on, these units offer major dividends for people who are trying to save energy. We no longer have to worry about forgetting to switch off our system when we leave home, or wake up cold in the morning.

Remote access provides even more control

Arguably, the biggest improvement with smart thermostats is the ability to access your unit from a remote location. If you’re away from home and realize that you’re going to be late or need to alter the thermostat’s settings for any other reason, you have two choices. The first is through any Internet connection, whether it’s a desktop, laptop or similar device. The second way is through your smartphone or tablet. An easily downloadable app can provide you access directly from the phone to your thermostat. This remote capability will give you unparalleled control over when your HVAC system is running.

In addition to remote access, there are two other features of smart thermostats to consider. The first is a breakdown of your energy use that can be viewed in an easy-to-understand chart. The other feature that helps smart thermostats stand out is the ability to quickly learn your scheduling habits and adapt to them with temperature adjustments.

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