Your Geothermal Installation: 5 Maintenance MustsA geothermal system can help you save substantial amounts of energy when cooling or heating your home. If you’re thinking about utilizing one of these systems in your Indianapolis area home, you should consider several factors of geothermal installation maintenance. These five maintenance musts will get your started:

  1. Installation – If you want your geothermal system to run efficiently, the first thing you need to worry about is its installation. If this isn’t handled properly, system efficiency will suffer and malfunctions may develop. To prevent any problems, always hire a skilled HVAC professional when installing or servicing a geothermal system. What’s even better is that the work will be guaranteed.
  2. Water/antifreeze mixture – Most geothermal systems accomplish the essential heat exchange process between inside and outside via a water/antifreeze solution that runs through an underground loop system. If this mixture is too low, whether because of undercharging or leakage, this will throw off the system. During either geothermal installation maintenance or regular maintenance of your already installed system, your technician can check for any problems.
  3. Keep it clean – A number of internal components, ranging from the heat exchanger to the motor blower and almost everything in between, can become covered with dirt and debris. This imperils the heat exchange process and other operations of your geothermal heat pump. The system should be cleaned regularly during maintenance tune-ups.
  4. Ductwork – Like other cooling and heating systems, your geothermal heat pump relies on proper ductwork to do its job. If your ductwork has installation flaws or leaks, the system will not be able to operate efficiently. Although some issues can be fixed by the homeowner, a home evaluation by a trained technician may be required to locate problem areas.
  5. Pipes – The pipes in the underground loop system may become damaged and begin leaking, which can dramatically decrease your system’s efficiency and performance. When conducting maintenance on your geothermal system, make sure that your technician checks for any damage to the pipes.

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