Animals and HVAC: How to Protect Your Outside Unit from those Pesky CrittersIf your home was suddenly infested with unwanted critters, you’d set traps, call an exterminator, and take a number of other precautions. What if those critters are infesting your outdoor HVAC unit? It’s a slightly more difficult task to keep them out of your HVAC unit when they’re already outdoors. Here’s how animals can damage your system, as well as some options for protecting your HVAC unit.

Problems Animals Can Cause

Your A/C unit has gone unused for months. During the winter, that can make it look a lot like a house to passing mice, snakes, birds, and a host of other creatures who come looking for a place to get out of the snow.

Once inside, they can chew through wires, leave droppings on the components, and more. If they make a nest in the unit, it can damage the fan blades. Furthermore, if you turn on the unit while a live creature is inside, it could cause even more damage.

Planning HVAC-Unit Protection

There are several things you can do to keep animals out of your system. First, keep the area clear. You should do this anyway, as grass, tree branches, and debris in the vicinity of the unit can restrict airflow. Clear away foliage, sticks, animal droppings, or anything else that might attract creatures to the area. Make sure there’s at least 2 square feet of clearance on all sides of the system.

Next, clean the inside of the unit with soap and water. Eliminate any smells that attract animals. Then spray pet repellent around the area. Pet repellent is specifically made with a scent that animals dislike, so they’ll stay away from that area.

Finally, be sure to schedule your annual HVAC maintenance visit. If animals have done any damage to your system, your HVAC technician can fix it before cooling season starts. However, even if there isn’t, they can make sure all of the panels on the unit are secure so that creatures can’t get in.

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