Performing HVAC Maintenance in JanuaryThe new year always presents an exciting time for millions of people across the country as resolutions are made that can literally change a person’s life. To help do our part in this yearly tradition, we’ve come up with a few HVAC maintenance tasks that you can accomplish in January.

Schedule HVAC Maintenance

The first thing you should do, if you haven’t already, is schedule your HVAC system for its annual maintenance. A qualified technician will help ensure that the system runs efficiently, in addition to extending its operational lifespan.

Check the Thermostat’s Settings

There’s a good chance that your thermostat’s settings were changed over the holidays, either by you or someone visiting your household. January is the perfect time to check these settings and switch them back to match your heating preferences.

Seal Air Leaks

You’ll never be able to seal all of the air leaks in your home, but the more you can find, the more efficient your heating system will be. You can typically find leaks around the edges of windows and doors, in addition to tears and disconnected joints in your home’s ductwork.

Clean or Replace the Air Filter

When your air filter gets dirty, the heating and cooling capabilities of your HVAC systems are negatively affected. Cleaning or replacing a system’s air filter will keep the air flowing smoothly, thereby ensuring proper operation of the unit.

Remove Dust with Microfiber Cloths

There’s a good chance that the increase of activity over the holidays kicked up a lot of dust around your home. Feather dusters and even some vaccuum cleaners move some of the dust around instead of picking it up. The better choice is to use microfiber cloths that attract the dust and do a better job at getting rid of it.

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