spring HVAC problemsNothing is more exciting than getting out in beautiful spring weather after a cold winter. But as Indianapolis-area homeowners know, once the weather starts warming up, there’s work to be done. You’ll be wanting your AC system in top working order come summer, so it’s time to address any spring HVAC problems that might have come up.

Spring affects HVAC systems in two ways. First, for most air conditioning systems in our area, spring is the first time your system is turned on since fall or even last summer. This means the system needs to be checked out to make sure everything is still working as it should be. Second, spring means things are growing — especially plants and their pollen — and that can affect how well your AC works.

Spring Checkup for Your HVAC System

Getting your HVAC system checked at the start of both the cooling and heating seasons will help prolong the life of your equipment. It’s important to get a qualified technician to perform this maintenance checkup. The technician measures refrigerant levels, checks electrical wiring, and makes sure the condensate drain is functioning as it should.

The compressor and motor are inspected to be sure they’re working as well. The technician also checks for belts or other parts that need to be replaced and makes sure everything is lubricated and that nothing is leaking. If any bigger issues show up, the technician can help you understand your options for dealing with them.

Keeping the Spring Air Flowing

The end of winter can leave yard debris built up wherever the wind blew it. Often, this can mean that the area around your outside condenser needs to be cleared out.

Another culprit that can block airflow around your condenser is plant growth. Often in the spring, new growth has to be cut or dug away from the unit.

Finally, increased pollen can clog your air filters faster than normal. Be sure to change them out to keep your indoor air quality good.

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