Your furnace has been giving you problems. Maybe it’s making weird noises, maybe it doesn’t run as well as it used to, or maybe it won’t turn on at all. Is it worthwhile to have it repaired, or is it time for an upgrade? Keep reading to learn a few signs that you might need a new furnace.

  • Age. A good furnace lasts anywhere from 15 to 30 years. If yours is more than 15 years old and showing its age, it may be time to start looking for a new one. Better to upgrade now than wait until it fails, leaving you without heat in the middle of a cold Indiana winter.
  • Efficiency. Have your energy bills been going up the last few years? Even with regular maintenance, your furnace loses efficiency over time. If you upgrade, you can get a new furnace system that’s even more efficient than the old one was when you bought it, with better features and a higher AFUE rating.
  • Repairs. A new furnace might be expensive, but if you’re continually pouring money into your current one, the investment could save you in the long run. If your furnace needs repairs more than twice a year, it’s time to upgrade. Likewise if repairs will cost more than half of what you’d pay for a new system.
  • Uneven temperatures. If you’ve been experiencing hot and cold spots in your home or uneven heating, it likely means your furnace is having trouble getting the job done. If you’ve always had hot and cold spots with this system, it may mean your furnace is the wrong size for your home. Either way, it’s time for a new one.
  • Poor air quality. Is there more dust than usual in your home even after you’ve replaced the filter? When your furnace starts failing, it becomes less efficient at cleaning the air. That excess dust also gets into the unit, degrading it further. Start looking for a new one to improve air quality.

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