You may be happy with the operation of your furnace, but you can always make it better. There are many different types of furnace upgrades available, some of which can completely change the way you use energy. We’ve put together a quick list of our favorite furnace upgrades that you should consider.

Upgrade Your Thermostat

Your home’s thermostat is a central part of the heating system. An upgrade will directly influence how the furnace operates. With a programmable thermostat, you’ll be able to control the system remotely and pick the precise days and times when the system is on or off. You can also receive energy-usage reports to help you get a better grasp of your utility costs.

Set Up a Zoned HVAC System

One of the most effective ways to upgrade your home’s furnace is to install a zoned HVAC system. With this type of layout, you assign different areas of your home to be designated as “zones,” which can be heated or cooled as directed. This basically means that instead of heating up your own home and wasting energy, you can concentrate your efforts on whichever rooms or areas are occupied.

Switch to Solar Power

Solar power is the most popular alternative-energy setup of homeowners across the country. Not only are there multiple types of tax credits that are typically available to install the system, you’ll save money each and every month on energy usage. In some areas, homeowners are also able to sell back any excess power that they collect through the solar panels.

Install a UV Light System

You can also arrange furnace upgrades as a way to improve your indoor air quality. This is done with the installation of a UV light system. Once you’ve installed UV lights in the return duct, air that passes over it will be bathed in ultraviolet light, thereby killing airborne contaminants. You can also install the UV lights inside your duct work, but this is more costly and takes more work.

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