Water Heaters: What You Should Know for Basic UpkeepYour storage tank water heater plays an important role in your home, one that you couldn’t do without for more than a day or two. Often going unnoticed until they fail, water heaters provide hot water for everyday household needs. The following basic upkeep steps not only will extend the life of the appliance, but also help ensure it operates at peak efficiency. 

  • Flush the tank. Annually drain your water heater to flush built-up sediments out of the tank. Not only will this help to maintain peak efficiency, but it also will extend the service life of the unit.
  • Check the pressure relief valve. Test the pressure relief (“T&P”) valve on an annual basis. By quickly discharging the valve a couple of times, you can verify that it’s operating correctly. Check for leaks around the T&P valve and that its drain line is free of any blockages or obstructions.
  • Check for leaks. Inspect the tank and all plumbing connections for leaks on a regular basis. A leaking water heater can severely damage your home. Over time, even the smallest leak can wreak havoc on your flooring, walls and belongings. If your water heater is leaking, it may be a sign that the tank is rusting out and you’ll need to replace the water heater with a new one.
  • Inspect the anode rod. Inspect and/or replace the water heater’s anode rod once a year. The anode rod prevents the inside of the water heater tank from rusting out.
  • Properly insulate. Unless you have a new water heater with factory insulation, install a water heater blanket or jacket to reduce heat loss. A properly insulated water heater will reduce your energy costs since it won’t need to reheat the stored water as frequently.

Although some of these tasks are simple, others are more complicated. Homeowners not sure about their ability to handle any of these tasks should hire a professional plumbing or HVAC technician to service the unit once a year.

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