A Basic Buyer's Guide to Tankless Water HeatingYou’ve finally decided to install tankless water heating in your Indianapolis area home. This is a good choice since a tankless water heating system only provides hot water on demand. This means that you’ll see no standby heat losses as occurs in a conventional storage tank water heater. But how much do you really know about a tankless system’s installation? We suggest that you start with these simple tips:

  • Learn your hot water needs – Work with your plumbing specialist to determine the size you’ll need. He’ll measure this by checking your water–using appliances and fixtures’ flow rates, your incoming water’s coldest temperature, and your normal water usage. He may even suggest installing more than one tankless water heater for full coverage of your home.
  • Check your dishwasher and clothes washer – Do these appliances heat the water themselves or need to use the hot water from your tankless heater? This will also help determine your needs.
  • Figure out the location – Unlike an electric-powered model, a gas-fired tankless water heater requires more air for combustion and venting. If you’re not familiar with these needs, obtaining the help of an HVAC technician is your best bet to make it’s installed in the correct place.
  • Install the heater close to faucets – To ensure hot water when you need it, the faucet can’t be too far away from the tankless water heater or the water will be intermittently hot.
  • Check building codes – If you don’t make sure that everything is up to code before installation, you could be looking at a costly fix later on.
  • Ensure proper venting material – The use of venting material that meets the requirements of both the manufacturer and building codes can be tricky. Consult a professional and bring up this specific point to make sure it isn’t missed.
  • Don’t panic – It can take time for an inspection to be take place, in part because some inspectors are not well-versed in tankless heaters. It can be frustrating, but try to remain patient.

If you need more assistance with tankless water heating or other home comfort concerns, please contact the experts at Mowery Heating, Cooling and Plumbing. We’ve been serving the needs of the Indianapolis area for over 40 years.

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