Have You Checked Your Sump Pump Recently? Here's HowAre you sure your sump pump will be ready when you need it the most? It’s often easy to overlook your home’s sump pump. Installed in your basement, it’s not exactly a high-profile item on your home inventory list. In addition, sump pumps are usually idle most of the time.

Nevertheless, proper sump pump function is critical when it’s needed. After all, it’s the primary defense against water intrusion into your basement—whether it comes from outdoor sources, an indoor pipe rupture or ground water seeping through the foundation. Here are some simple DIY maintenance items to carry out, so your sump pump will be up to the demand.

Every Four Months:

  • Unplug the pump power cord and remove the basin lid.
  • Check for any debris inside the basin and clear any obstructions in the pump inlet screen that may hinder water flow into the pump.
  • Plug the pump in and pour several gallons of water into the basin. Make sure the float switch rises freely, energizes the pump, then lowers without binding and turns the pump off. If the pump doesn’t activate, contact a qualified plumber.

Once A Year:

  • Unplug the pump, remove it from the basin and clean the pump. Remove the inlet screen and clean it.  Consult the manufacturer’s owner’s manual to determine whether the pump bearings need lubrication (most are sealed and don’t.)
  • Remove any debris from the basin, then rinse out the basin.
  • Replace the pump in the basin and plug it into the power outlet. Pour several gallons of water into the basin and observe the pump and float switch for proper operation.
  • Outside, make sure the discharge pipe is intact and unobstructed. The discharge pipe should be installed on a slight grade, so all residual water drains out after pumping. During the winter, water may freeze and block discharge, preventing proper pump operation.

For a professional check-up to make sure your sump pump is ready when you need it most, contact Mowery Heating, Cooling and Plumbing.

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