Spring Maintenance Procedures for Your Home Are you ready to enjoy the warmer months ahead? Is your home prepared? Now is the time to complete your spring home maintenance procedures. In the end, the time and money you spend on professional maintenance, repairs and protective measures will decrease your home’s energy cost in the future.

Seasonal preparations also give you the satisfaction of knowing your family will be safe and comfortable at home. To begin your spring maintenance tasks, work your way through this handy list of preventive upkeep:

  • Check for water infiltration, dampness and mold. Look for stains or water damage on your ceilings, as well as any wet insulation and mold. Have a professional find the source of your water leak, and then repaint or repair surfaces, replacing any damaged insulation. Your HVAC contractor can advise you on the proper ventilation and humidity control solutions, which may help solve some moisture accumulation problems.
  • Schedule a plumbing inspection so that sewer leaks and pipe corrosion are remedied before big problems occur. Your plumber will also check for cracks/lumps in the flexible hoses connected to your dishwasher and washing machine before repairing sweaty pipes, leaking faucets or clogged drains.
  • Make sure to clean your dryer vent, and not just the lint trap. A clean dryer vent saves you more money by making your dryer more efficient. Because a plugged exhaust duct could cause a house fire, your plumbing and HVAC technician will use special equipment to ensure the whole length of your vent is clean and safe, from dryer to roof.
  • Have your HVAC system tuned-up each year. Professional preventive maintenance helps equipment operate safely and efficiently, saving energy and delaying replacement. Your technician should also inspect and drain your water heater of sediment.
  • Tighten your home envelope against air leaks and energy waste. Then, replace caulk around windows and doors before adding insulation where needed for energy efficiency. Ask your local HVAC expert to help find your home’s air leaks and inspect insulation. Your ductwork should be inspected and insulated too.

Feel free to contact Mowery Heating, Cooling and Plumbing for help completing your spring maintenance tasks.

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