How to Repair a Leaking Water Heater in Your Brownsburg Home Can you repair a leaking water heater in your home without calling the plumber? Yes and no. A few common water heater problems can be fixed with a DIY approach. Many others, however, require a qualified professional with the proper tools, both for safety’s sake and to prevent more serious household water damage.

In some cases, the best thing you can do is turn off the water until a plumber arrives to tackle the problem. Here are a few simple things you can try to repair a leaking water heater.

Water Leakage From Inlet/Outlet Pipes

Cold and hot water pipes that connect to the top of your heater may leak at connecting joints. If it’s a threaded connection, you can attempt to tighten it with a pipe wrench to stop the leakage. If that doesn’t work, or if it’s a soldered connection instead of threaded, turn off the cold and hot water valves located adjacent to each connection and call a plumber.

Dripping T&P Valve

Located on the upper side of your tank is the temperature and pressure valve, which opens automatically to release water if heat or pressure in the tank exceed specifications. If the T&P valve dribbles water, reseat it by lifting the spring-loaded handle and allowing water to spurt out into the discharge tube. Then, let the valve snap shut. If leakage persists, call a plumber.

Leaky Drain Valve

The faucet-style drain valve near the bottom of your heater may leak if sediment accumulation affects the valve seal. In this case, place a bucket under the valve, open the valve and drain out about a gallon of water to flush out any sediment. Then, close the valve and check for leakage. If it continues, you’ll need professional help.

Leakage From the Tank Bottom

This often indicates a corroded tank that may soon fail completely and cause severe water damage. Before this occurs, turn off the heater gas valve and the inlet and outlet water valves on top of the heater, and call a plumber ASAP.

For professional help to repair a leaking water heater, contact Make It Mowery in Brownsburg today.

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