It’s important to keep your home comfortable, but it’s possible that you’re using too much AC power without even realizing it. The good news is that there are some simple reasons for this, all of which can be fixed.

Running Your AC All the Time

We don’t blame you for wanting to run your air conditioner all the time, but this is an easy way to start using too much AC power. We suggest that you turn up your thermostat by a couple of degrees, see how the comfort level feels after a few days, and then adjust it again as needed.

Your AC System Is Really Old

If your AC system is more than 15 years old, there’s a good chance you’re wasting energy. You should definitely consider purchasing a new air conditioner. This will cost you a pretty penny, of course, but new equipment is more energy-efficient than ever, so the expense will even out in the long run.

System Isn’t the Right Size

If your AC system wasn’t sized properly, then you have a big problem which could lead to the system using too much AC power. AC systems that are too small for the size of the house end up running a lot more than they should, and even then, the home may never seem really comfortable. The only solution here is to replace the unit.

Skipping Annual Maintenance

Homeowners often don’t understand the importance of regular maintenance of their AC system. Getting an annual inspection and tuneup performed by an HVAC technician will keep your system running smoothly throughout the season. This will reduce the chance of the equipment using too much power.

You Need to Seal Air Leaks

When your home is plagued by multiple air leaks, your AC system will start running longer because of the lost air. The most common places you’ll find leaks are the areas around your doors and windows. You can seal any problem areas with either caulk, spray foam, or weatherstripping.

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