If you’re getting service for your heating and cooling units or if you’re considering upgrading or installing new units, it’s a good idea to know if the person doing the work is a qualified and certified HVAC tech. While most states formally require technicians to be certified or licensed, the fact is, anyone may claim to hold the proper credentials to do the job when actually they aren’t a properly certified HVAC tech. Therefore, verifying the status of a person or company who will be working on heating and cooling components should take priority before the work begins.  

Here are examples of the types of common credentials and/or licensing that can help ensure you’re getting a trained, experienced HVAC tech.  

NATE Certification

Short for North American Technician Excellence, NATE is the most common, industrywide organization for verifying the skills and knowledge of HVAC technicians. NATE certification requires passing examinations on general HVAC knowledge, as well as a minimum of one exam in a specialized field of heating and cooling. NATE certification is endorsed by all major manufacturers of HVAC components and other industry organizations. Any HVAC technician and/or their employer will be happy to show proof of NATE certification.

EPA Refrigerant Certification

AC refrigerant is considered a toxic, controlled substance. For HVAC technicians who will handle air-conditioning refrigerants, the federal government requires Environmental Protection Agency 608 Certification. Only 608-certified technicians can legally purchase, add, or remove refrigerant from any air conditioner.

Local Certified HVAC Tech Staff

In Indiana, HVAC certification or licensing is not required at the state level. However, local counties and cities typically impose their own requirements to certify HVAC technicians. Here in Indianapolis/Marion County, for example, the Board of Heating and Cooling Examiners requires completion of a written exam on heating and cooling technology, proof of at least five years’ work experience for a contractor in the HVAC business, and three personal references from individuals who are engaged in HVAC work.

At Mowery Heating, Cooling and Plumbing, our NATE-certified HVAC tech staff have the proven knowledge, skills, and experience to handle all your heating and cooling needs.