Replacing Indoor and Outdoors HVAC Units In TandemIf a problem develops with one of your HVAC units and you’re advised that it’s not worth repairing, it’s logical to wonder if you can replace just that half of the system. To help you make a wise purchasing decision, here are some important factors to weigh when replacing air conditioning units:

Energy Efficiency

The efficiency ratings of central split systems are based on matching indoor and outdoor components. If you replace just one unit, your system’s energy efficiency will be limited by the remaining component, so you won’t gain any energy savings.

Reliability and Service Life

Adding a new component to your existing system can put extra strain and wear on the older unit. This can make it more prone to a break down or failure when it’s under the heaviest workload at the height of the cooling season. When you get a complete new system installed, you’ll have peace of mind that your HVAC equipment will provide many years of reliable, worry-free service.

Long-Term Savings

Saving money is the biggest reason why Indianapolis homeowners are tempted to stick to only one when replacing air conditioning units. However, when you upgrade the entire system, you’ll see long-term energy savings and avoid frequent repair bills. If you decide to keep one older unit it will still need replacement, so you’ll face the cost of another component purchase in the near future.

Technological Advancements

If you replace both units with a new system, you’ll not only reap the benefit of better energy efficiency, but you’ll have an opportunity to invest in features that provide greater comfort and convenience. Some features worth considering are variable-speed technology, two-speed compressors, thermal expansion valves, more efficient coils and smart controls.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

HVAC manufacturers only provide a warranty on split system components that are installed according to their specifications. This is impossible when one unit is replaced in an existing system, so if you purchase a single component, it won’t have any warranty coverage against factory defects.

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