What to Know About Variable-Speed HVAC TechnologyHVAC engineers are always looking for ways to improve their products by cutting energy use and increasing comfort. Variable-speed HVAC systems do just that. They’re one of the most recent breakthroughs in HVAC technology that’s now available to homeowners.

What Variable-Speed Systems Do

HVAC systems that use this technology can alter their running speeds based on the need for conditioned air. The blower fan can adjust its running speeds from low to high speeds, the furnace controls how much fuel it uses, and the compressor for the air conditioner can also alter how fast it runs.

These systems use components that sense the temperature and conditions in your home. They almost always use their lower running speeds, which saves energy and reduces the wear on the HVAC equipment.

Their Advantages

Although variable-speed systems cost more, they do have substantial advantages over single-speed equipment like:

Quiet operation. Both the indoor and outdoor components for the HVAC system run more quietly with variable-speed parts. The indoor blower and the air conditioner’s compressor make far less noise when they don’t run at high speed. Indoors, the blower motor ramps up slowly. The compressor is an air conditioner’s loudest part, and when it’s not running on high, the noise it creates is considerably less.

More comfort. When HVAC systems run more slowly, they distribute the air throughout the home more evenly. Rooms that are further from the blower compartment will have time to cool or warm thoroughly.

Lower energy costs. Besides distributing the air evenly to increase comfort, variable-speed HVAC technology also lowers energy consumption. Motors and compressors use the most energy when they run at high speed. Energy use declines as the speed slows.

Longer lifetimes. The energy surge caused when HVAC systems first start to run wears them faster than when they reach normal operating speeds. When the important parts like the motors and compressors don’t start as often, their lifetimes increase.

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