The internet has made purchasing consumer goods easier than ever, and no matter what you’re looking for, there’s a good chance you can find a seller and have it delivered to your front door. Online shopping has extended to large items and appliances, and this includes HVAC units. An online HVAC purchase can be a convenient way to buy an HVAC system, but you should always be informed so that you can make the best purchase possible.

Three Tips for Your Online HVAC Purchase

The following three tips can help make your online HVAC purchase easier and avoid potential problems.

  1. Finding an Installer First: Before making an online HVAC purchase, consult several HVAC professionals for quotes and advice. Some companies won’t install an HVAC system you bought on your own, so by having an installer selected before buying, you will know who will install it and will avoid any potential issues.
  2. Finding the Right Unit: There are many different HVAC units for sale when you make an online HVAC purchase. When buying an HVAC unit online, you have to know exactly what type of unit you’re looking for in terms of the amount of power needed, specific features, tonnage, and efficiency. Reviewing the specifics of your existing air conditioner can help with the basic figures.
  3. Warranties: A common misconception is that an online HVAC purchase doesn’t include a warranty. This is untrue, as HVAC systems purchased online do have warranties, but manufacturers require your HVAC system to be purchased from a licensed distributor and installed by a licensed professional. Each manufacturer is different and has different specifics, so be sure to review any warranty requirements (such as registering your HVAC unit online) and needs.

Finding a Professional for Your HVAC Installation Needs

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