An HVAC warranty is your protection against unforeseen and costly problems that could leave your home without cooling or heating — probably at the least convenient time. The reliability and service life of air conditioners and furnaces continues to increase along with improved energy efficiency and advanced technology. Like any major mechanical purchase, however, it’s still wise to protect your investment with HVAC warranty coverage.

Basic Standard Coverage

All major cooling and heating manufacturers provide a standard warranty for their products at no extra charge. It covers the cost of any parts that may be involved in a repair for a certain period of time. The base standard warranty typically offers five years of coverage. However, in many cases, you can extend the standard HVAC warranty to 10 years simply by registering the unit with the manufacturer when you purchase it. Often, the HVAC contractor who sells and installs the system will register it for you.

Since you’ll get free basic standard coverage automatically to cover parts, what about more enhanced HVAC warranty protection? Here’s what’s available.

Labor Coverage

Labor costs are not included in the typical, standard HVAC warranty provided by the manufacturer. However, specific labor warranties may be available from HVAC contractors who sell the unit to offset charges relating to labor required during a covered repair.

Individual-Component Coverage

Extended manufacturer coverage on high-value components may come with specified models of air conditioners and furnaces. It’s intended to cover expensive replacements, generally limited to the air conditioner’s compressor and the furnace’s heat exchanger.

Service Agreements

Combining biannual preventive maintenance on your system with coverage for a certain percentage of labor costs for any needed repairs, a service agreement with your local HVAC contractor fills in the gaps to provide comprehensive protection. In addition to fewer repairs, the regular professional maintenance also ensures your system is operating at maximum efficiency and optimum cooling and heating performance.

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