It's Time to Pipe Up -- Basic Plumbing Tips for Your HomeKeeping your plumbing system in good shape is important for every homeowner, but knowing exactly how to do it is another story, especially if you’re a first-time homeowner. Use these basic plumbing tips to make sure your pipes work correctly all year long. If you don’t, you could be facing costly repairs that you could have avoided.

  • Check around exposed pipes in your bathroom and kitchen regularly to make sure there aren’t any leaks. Even small leaks can lead to serious problems down the road if they aren’t remedied in a timely fashion.
  • Inspect washing machine hoses for leaks, cracks and bulges at least twice a year. Damaged hoses can lead to severe water damage inside your home over time. Replace hoses connected to your washing machine every three years to make sure you don’t have any issues, even if the hoses look like they’re performing properly.
  • Visually inspect your walls near bathtub, shower and toilet fixtures. Water can leak from pipes that you can’t see with your naked eye, though you can see a water stain on the wall in many cases. If a pipe is leaking, you’ll need to take care of it as soon as possible to avoid serious damage to your walls and home’s structure, as well as problems with mold.
  • Get a plumbing checkup at least once a year from a qualified professional. A professional checkup will make sure your entire plumbing system is performing properly and that there are no problems on the horizon. A professional will recognize issues you can’t spot with an untrained eye, and that expertise could save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in damage and potential repair costs.

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