Video Inspection: A High-Tech Method for Determining Home Plumbing IssuesA video camera may be one of the most useful tools that your plumber carries on his truck. A plumbing video inspection done with a camera inserted into the piping on a fiber-optic cable can help to diagnose problems and show you that problems have been taken care of effectively. The plumbing video inspection can identify potential problems inside your pipes, pinpointing the location and nature of issues that cannot be completely evaluated from the outside.

Here are a few of the things your plumber will look for during a plumbing video inspection:

  • Tree roots. Roots are one of the most common causes of sewer backups and slow drainage. A video inspection can identify the exact location of the roots in your sewer lines so that your plumber can figure out the best approach to cleaning them out. A follow-up inspection can confirm that the line has been thoroughly cleaned out.
  • Leaking pipes. Pipes undergoing stress due to freezing, soil settling or structural shifting can fail in a number of ways that will cause them to leak. A video inspection can identify broken seals between pipe joints, offset joints and breaks in pipes.
  • Blockages. Sewer lines can be blocked by buildups of grease and other debris in places where soil settling has cause the pipe to sag into low spots that don’t easily flush clear with running water. Offset joints or collapsed pipe sections also can be sticking points for debris that will restrict flow over time.
  • Internal corrosion. A plumbing video inspection can detect internal corrosion that may lead to pipe failure. Corrosion could be caused by age, or it could be an indication that the original installation used substandard materials for the conditions it would be subjected to.

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