New Digital Features That You Can Look for in an HVAC SystemIt’s easy to get lost in technology advancements of the latest hi-tech digital features. This may be true for your home comfort systems, too. However, it literally pays off in the form of lower energy bills and enhanced comfort to stay abreast of new HVAC advanced features and offerings. If you need a refresher course, read on!

Interactive Comfort

One of the most notable digital features of newer HVAC systems is the integration of remote access via Internet-enabled devices. Your old thermostat has been replaced with smart thermostats that are linked through your home’s WiFi network.

Using your smartphone, online computer, or tablet, you may access and interact with your HVAC systems using your Internet-enabled device. Following are some of the benefits of smart HVAC technology:

  • Monitor or change your home’s indoor comfort settings.
  • Receive alerts remotely for system malfunctions, maintenance reminders and unauthorized access.
  • Maximize energy savings and comfort by programming daily temperature changes to your lifestyle.
  • Select smart thermostats monitor room occupancy and temperature habits and adjust automatically — no programming required!
  • Link and control compatible comfort systems, such as zonal control, humidity management, and air quality units.

Precise Indoor Environmental Control

More sophisticated HVAC equipment utilizes mechanical and digital features to give you precise control of indoor conditions. Rather than one fixed airflow airflow speed, variable-speed technology allows real time cooling, heating, and humidity adjustments to maintain optimal indoor comfort to each zone.

Multiple sensors installed indoors and outdoors ensure that your HVAC systems are operating at maximum efficiency. For example, an electronic expansion valve (EEV) allows the exact amount of refrigerant into the evaporator to optimize home cooling. This digital feature works in conjunction with your variable-speed blower and compressor.

Moreover, your variable-speed blower is utilized for superior furnace efficiency. In fact, high-efficiency modulating furnaces reach nearly 100-percent AFUE. When you compare that to very old furnaces that were lucky to be 75-percent efficient, you can begin to see the benefit of upgrading to a smart HVAC system.

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