With the arrival of warmer spring weather, you’re going to be using your AC. That means higher energy bills this summer to keep your home comfortable. However, you can curb those energy costs if you maintain energy efficient AC motors and parts. What follows are some valuable tips on keeping your AC cool and efficient.

Pro Service Agreement for Energy Efficient AC Motors

One of the best ways to maintain energy efficient AC motors is with scheduled pro maintenance. If you’re going to schedule pro HVAC maintenance each year, then you may as well reap the benefits of signing an annual service agreement.

  • Receive a substantial discount on labor costs.
  • Receive a reduced diagnostic fee.
  • Expect your AC to last longer with fewer repairs.
  • You may save on energy costs for running your AC.
  • Receive priority service that sends you straight to the front of the line.
  • Never pay overtime charges for repairs.

AC Cleaning List for Energy Efficient AC Motors

In addition to pro HVAC maintenance, you’ll want to do a few things around your house for AC efficiency. Perhaps the most important task (and maybe the easiest) is staying on top of filter changes. Regular filter changes help your AC run more efficiently, help prevent breakdowns, and boost indoor air quality.

Keep an eye on the air vents in your home for dust and dirt buildup. Wipe them clean every so often, because dirt buildup hinders airflow. Another task is to make sure the outdoor unit of the AC doesn’t have any blockages to the sides of the unit that would hinder airflow. Make sure vegetation is cut back and weeds are pulled.

Shopping for Energy Efficient AC Motors

If your AC is older than 10 or 12 years old, you may want to consider upgrading to a more energy-efficient model. Modern energy efficient AC motors called variable-speed motors deliver quieter operation and superb energy efficiency. Ask your technician what he or she recommends.

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