AC Parts

Your AC has different parts that all work together to turn hot air into cold air. Each of those parts likewise needs regular care and maintenance to function properly. Here are the three most important AC parts in your unit and the maintenance they need.

Evaporator Coil

Your AC produces both hot and cold air. While the cold air is pumped into your home, the hot air is vented outside. This interplay between hot and cold forms the basis for how your unit works, and it begins with your evaporator coil.

Cold, liquid refrigerant flows into your evaporator under high pressure. As that pressure is relieved, the refrigerant expands and turns into a gas. The gas then absorbs the heat from the surrounding air before flowing into the condenser.

Located outdoors, the evaporator coil can accumulate dirt and debris over time. Your HVAC technician should clean it annually as part of your maintenance visit.

Condenser Coil

The evaporator coil decreases pressure on the refrigerant to turn it into a gas. The condenser coil increases pressure to turn it back into a liquid. As it does this, the heat that it has absorbed is released again and vented outside.

A heat pump uses this same process, only it reverses it for the winter. Rather than being pushed out, the absorbed heat is pumped into your home while the cool air becomes the byproduct that’s vented outside.

Like your evaporator, this is one of the important AC parts that can accumulate dirt and debris. Basic maintenance can be done periodically with a brush and a hose. A more thorough cleaning can be performed by your HVAC technician.


The compressor is what applies the pressure to the gaseous refrigerant and turns it back into a liquid. It’s also the most important of all the important AC parts in your HVAC unit, as it helps everything else function smoothly.

Don’t attempt compressor maintenance yourself. Your HVAC technician will inspect it for damage and provide whatever service it needs.

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