Annual maintenance is a service that HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) professionals provide for your home’s heating and cooling systems. Typically, if you have an annual-maintenance plan with an HVAC contractor, such as Mowery’s Heating, Air Conditioning and Plumbing, their service professionals will perform annual maintenance on your heating system in the fall and on your cooling system in the spring. And it’s generally a low-cost investment that allows you to reap benefits that extend far beyond that initial cost.

The benefits of annual maintenance include:

  • Locking in top efficiency: The primary goal of maintenance is to ensure that your system operates as designed, keeping its efficiency at peak capacity, and without using extra energy. Maintenance for your systems will include a comprehensive inspection and cleaning, which helps your HVAC system work optimally to use energy wisely, operate safely, and ward off wear and tear issues that lead to significant repairs.
  • Securing energy savings: When you provide regular maintenance for your HVAC system, it will operate more efficiently. Therefore, you can expect bigger energy savings on your utility bills because your HVAC system is consuming less energy.
  • Increasing home comfort: Efficiency also extends to improved home comfort, because if your heating and cooling equipment is operating at peak capacity, it’ll provide you and your loved ones with a comfortable, even temperature all year long.
  • Reducing repairs: With annual maintenance, you can stay a step ahead of components that are wearing down. During your annual inspections, your technician will inspect all of your systems’ components, and replace individual parts as necessary. This decreases the likelihood of small issues escalating into expensive, extensive repairs.
  • Extending the systems’ life spans: A long-term benefit of annual maintenance is that your HVAC systems generally will last longer. Parts that aren’t laden with dirt, grime and other buildup will continue to heat and cool your home efficiently for years and years, extending the life of your systems, and giving you a better return on your initial investment in your home heating and cooling systems.

Providing annual maintenance for your home’s heating and cooling systems will help you endure Indianapolis’ long, harsh winters and hot, sticky summers, without suffering interruption to the heating and cooling of your home and the expense of repairing, or potentially replacing, your HVAC system. To schedule maintenance, or to ask about our maintenance program, contact Mowery Heating, Air Conditioning and Plumbingtoday.

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