Information on New Home HVAC: Your ChecklistCongratulations on your home purchase! Once you’ve settled in, it’s important to get familiar with the HVAC system that you’ll rely on for comfort. Here’s a helpful new home HVAC checklist that covers what you should know and do to maximize your comfort, save energy and avoid future problems.

Learn About Your HVAC System

To start, investigate the specific types of HVAC equipment in your home. There may be a split-system air conditioner or heat pump, or ductless mini-splits for cooling. For heating, you might have a furnace or boiler. You also need to know the fuel each component uses, whether it’s electricity, natural gas or propane. Other key details to learn about include:

  • Equipment age. It’s important to know the age of the system components so you have an idea of when they might need replacement.
  • Warranty coverage. If the system is newer, it may still be covered by a manufacturer’s warranty against failures due to factory defects.
  • Efficiency ratings. Depending on the specific type of equipment, it may have a SEER, AFUE or HSPF rating that tells you how efficiently it heats or cools relative to its energy consumption.
  • Maintenance history. Equipment that’s had regular professional maintenance should perform reliably and efficiently, and last longer.

Learn About Essential HVAC Care

Once you’ve become familiar with your comfort system, take these steps to keep it in top condition.

  • Connect with a reputable local HVAC company. Choose a well-established company that works with your brand/type of equipment and offers emergency service.
  • Invest in preventive maintenance. Your HVAC system should be professionally inspected, cleaned and tuned-up each spring and fall. During the initial visit, have the technician check the ductwork too, and get it sealed and insulated if it’s recommended.
  • Promote good airflow. Follow your HVAC technician’s advice about the type of filter to use and how often it needs replacement. Keep your air registers open and unobstructed too. Outside, make sure there’s always two feet of clearance around the condenser unit.

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