HVAC Tips: Keep Mosquitoes OutEffective mosquito repellant techniques can help make the summer less painful and even lower the threat of dangerous diseases. Mosquito bites are associated with transmission of West Nile virus, the Zika virus and viral encephalitis. Outside, keep tall grass and weeds cut down and remove sources of standing water on your property—a magnet for breeding mosquitoes. Wearing long pants and and long-sleeve shirts outdoors, particularly early in the day and late in the afternoon when the insects are most active, can also provide protection against bites.

Indoors, you may not be aware of a built-in mosquito repellant that’s already part of your daily life on summer days: your HVAC system. Here are ways the central air conditioner function helps reduce mosquito problems inside the house.

Cool air discourages activity.

The warmer the temperature, the more likely mosquitoes are to bite. Temperatures around 80 degrees are favored by these blood-sucking pests. Most air conditioned homes stay cooler than that on a summer’s day, so indoor mosquito activity tends to be suppressed.

Dry air inhibits breeding.

Mosquitoes seeks zones of high humidity that provide water to lay eggs. For effective cooling and comfort, most central air conditioners keep indoor humidity below 60% by extracting water vapor from the air. The dry environment does not attract mosquitoes.

Closed doors and windows keep them out.

Homes without an air conditioner usually have open doors and windows in summer. Mosquitoes exploit these opportunities to enter the house. An air-conditioned home is generally closed up and offers less access to flying insects.

Moving air reduces likelihood of bites.

Humans and pets exhale carbon dioxide with every breath. Research shows that mosquitoes follow trails of CO2 in the air to locate warm-blooded creatures to bite. Air circulation inside a house created by cool airflow from the HVAC ducts disperses CO2, making it more difficult for mosquitoes to identify targets.

For cool comfort and effective mosquito repellant functions this summer, make sure your HVAC system is in optimum operating condition. Contact the professionals at Mowery Heating, Cooling and Plumbing about an annual A/C tune-up.

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