Indoor Humidity Affects on Energy BillsWe’re still likely due for more winter weather this heating season, but if you’re like most Indianans, you’re already dreaming of spring and warmer temperatures. But maybe along with the thought of balmier weather, you’re remembering that summertime inside your Indianapolis home wasn’t quite as comfortable as it should have been last year. You ran the air conditioner continuously, you changed the air filter and you set the temperature somewhere between 68 and 72 degrees. So why did it seem so hot and sticky in your home?

Excess humidity could be the reason. And, not only is it likely making you uncomfortable, but it also could be inspiring you to turn down your thermostat and to run your air conditioner inefficiently. Read on to learn why you should get a handle on your indoor humidity.

Why High Humidity Makes Us Feel Warmer Than We Should

Warm air holds more moisture than cool air. When conditions inside our homes generate excess humidity — perhaps from leaking plumbing or a leaky roof — the relative humidity will likely exceed 50 percent. With higher humidity, the perspiration on our skin that normally evaporates and cools us off just tends to cling to us so that we don’t cool down. Our natural impulse is to turn down the thermostat to try to cool off. Unfortunately, this tactic doesn’t always work. In fact, it’s an extremely inefficient way to run the A/C, and can cost us more in utility bills than we might otherwise be paying.

Fix Your Humidity Problems

If you suspect high humidity in your home, buy an inexpensive hygrometer at the home store and find out if humidity is more than 50 percent. If you have high humidity, try to determine why. Look for leaks and have them fixed. You may also want to install exhaust ventilation in the bathrooms and kitchen.

You may also want to try a dehumidifier. A whole house dehumidifier is the best choice, but portable models may help.

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