When the Heat Pump Acts Up, Have a Clue What to DoThe last thing you want this summer is a heat pump that won’t properly cool your home or won’t work at all. A properly operating heat pump should keep your Indianapolis area home feeling cool and comfortable throughout the hot Indianapolis summer. If yours is acting up, here are some easy troubleshooting tips to determine the problem and possibly correct it before calling in a professional.

  • Inspect the settings. Many Indiana homeowners choose heat pumps because they are a cost-effective solution for energy-efficient heating and cooling. If your equipment worked great during the winter and just started acting up during the cooling season, the best place to begin troubleshooting is at the thermostat settings. Be sure your thermostat is set for “cooling” and the fan is set on “automatic” rather than “on.”
  • Inspect the batteries. A big malfunction could be caused by something as simple as low or dead batteries in a battery-operated thermostat. Use high-performance replacements.
  • Check the heat pump’s air filter. An air filter that’s packed full of dust and other debris will cause problems with your heat pump’s operating cycles. Change or clean your air filter every month during the more heavy-use seasons.
  • Keep a clean outdoors. The area around your outside compressor/condenser unit should be cleared of any yard and other debris. You can also use a low-pressure hose to wash down the outdoor unit and clean off any sticking debris.
  • Inspect the power source. Check the breaker box and the unit’s fuse to be sure that your heat pump is getting power. If your equipment keeps tripping the breaker, there’s something wrong with your compressor or home’s electrical wiring. You’ll want to contact a professional to safely resolve the issue.
  • Add refrigerant. Low refrigerant levels can lower the efficiency of your HVAC equipment and cause poor operation that can lead to whole-system failure. Because refrigerant is extremely hazardous and requires sensitive handling, contact your trusted local HVAC technician if you suspect a low refrigerant charge.

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Credit/Copyright Attribution: “Skovoroda/Shutterstock”