Fall is the ideal time to do some indoor and outdoor work to get your home and its various systems ready for the chilly winter months. Be sure to do the fall maintenance tasks below to avoid inconveniencing repairs and enjoy improved comfort and lower energy bills.

Keep the Area around Outdoor Unit Clean

Leaves, grass clippings, sticks, and other debris on or around your outdoor HVAC unit can impede airflow, leading to reduced performance and system breakdowns. Check the unit every week. Clear any vegetation and debris you find away from it. Maintain two feet of clear space around it.

Seal Air Leaks

Areas in your home that have openings can allow your home to lose a lot of heat in the winter. That makes your heating system work harder, leading to higher energy bills. Walk around your house and schedule repair for anything that has signs of gaps or damage. Add weatherstripping to the frames of doors and windows as well as door sweeps to drafty doors.

Clean Indoors

Fall can come with a host of allergens. The cooler days may make you want to open your windows often and give your HVAC system a break. Clean your home regularly to prevent allergens from outside from settling on surfaces. As you do so, don’t forget to wipe down or vacuum all your registers to keep allergens away from your HVAC system.

Change Your Filter

Regular filter replacements keep your home’s air clean and HVAC equipment running efficiently. Make sure you change your filter before the start of winter.

Replace the Water Panel

Fall is also a great time to change your furnace humidifier’s water panel. This helps the humidifier work at its peak throughout the heating season.

The best way to ensure you’ll withstand the freezing winter temperatures is by scheduling professional furnace maintenance. Your contractor will inspect and clean your system’s sensitive components to keep them operating at peak performance and efficiency. To schedule fall maintenance for your heating system in the Indianapolis area, contact the heating and cooling experts at Mowery Heating, Cooling and Plumbing.