Simple Ways To Check For A/C Repairs You Might NeedYou need a reliable cooling system to keep your home comfortable during the hot, muggy summer months. Turning on the system for a test run before it’s needed is a good way to check if any A/C repairs are necessary in addition to preventive maintenance.

Here are some easy ways to identify problems that warrant the attention of your HVAC pro.

See if the A/C is Cooling

Put your thermostat on “cool,” and set the temperature a few degrees lower than the room temperature. If the temperature doesn’t drop by at least one degree per hour there’s a problem. It might be something simple, like a clogged air filter, but it may also indicate a serious issue that needs repair, like a refrigerant leak.

Check for Condensate Drain Clogs

After your A/C has been running for a while, open the air handler cabinet and check the amount of liquid in the condensate drain pan situated below the evaporator coil. Repeat this again in a couple of hours. If the water level in the pan is getting higher instead of draining away, the line is likely clogged. To prevent backups and water damage, make sure your HVAC technician flushes the drain line during your maintenance visit to remove any blockages.

Listen for Squealing Sounds

If there’s a squealing sound coming from your indoor unit when the A/C is running, it’s a sign that the blower fan belt is worn or damaged and needs replacement. A bad belt in the outdoor unit will produce the same noise, but if you’re hearing a screeching sound, there’s likely a problem with the compressor that needs further investigation.

Take Note of Acrid Odors

When your cooling system is working properly, it shouldn’t produce any odd odors. If you turn on the system and notice a burnt plastic, metal or rubber smell coming from the vents, your HVAC technician needs to check for an overheated motor, failing capacitor or melted wiring that needs replacement.

If you’re concerned that your Indianapolis home may need A/C repairs this spring, contact us today at Mowery Heating, Cooling and Plumbing.