Emergency Heat for Winter Storm OutagesBefore the worst weather of winter hits, it’s a good idea to find the best emergency heat option for you to weather out a power outage or bad roads. There are some products that will provide enough heat to keep your family warm and safe on a temporary basis. Others provide more permanent ways to stay warm like ventless heaters and vented fireplaces. Regardless of the kind you use, be sure your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors work before using any combustion appliance.

Types of Supplemental Heaters

  • Tent heaters. These are small, portable devices that use propane canisters or tanks to heat confined spaces. They’re safe as long as you follow the directions carefully and make sure you have a source of fresh air as long as it’s running. A tent heater should heat a small room adequately to maintain a basic level of comfort and safety.
  • Ventless heaters. These heaters can use either natural gas or propane and are considered safe by regulatory agencies. Even so, they do emit small amounts of gas byproducts, including carbon monoxide. When using a ventless heater, whether it’s a built-in fireplace or a portable heater, always have a window or exterior door slightly open.This type of combustion product relies on an oxygen depletion sensor to shut off should the levels in the room fall too low. Even so, you’re vulnerable should the sensor fail.
  • Fireplaces. A vented wood-burning or gas fireplace is the safest means of emergency heat, as long as it’s clean and used cautiously. Wood fireplaces build up creosote deposits in the chimney that can start chimney fires if they’re not professionally cleaned routinely.

Extending the Benefits

  • You’ll stay warmer by staying in one small room.
  • Use sunlight to warm the room, but close window coverings at night.
  • Spread blankets or towels over hard-surface floors to retain more heat.
  • Dress in layers to trap your body heat better.

It’s important to have a source of emergency heat for bad weather, and a dependable heating system. For more information, contact Mowery Heating, Cooling and Plumbing, providing HVAC services for Indianapolis homeowners.

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