3 Ways Window Treatments Boost Energy EfficiencyWindow treatments help boost energy efficiency in most houses. Windows often present a major gap in a successful home energy plan. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, about 75% of the sunlight entering through standard window glass converts to heat inside the house that offsets your air conditioner’s function and increases cooling costs. In winter, conversely, heat energy transmits through window glass into the colder zone outside, making your furnace consume more gas or electricity to keep up with the heat loss.

Window treatments provide three effective alternatives to support improved energy efficiency as well as keep indoor temperatures more consistent.

Blinds and Shutters

Interior blinds and remotely operated exterior shutters effectively cut solar heat gain that raises cooling costs. Blinds manufactured with a reflective coating that faces outward when the blinds are closed offer enhanced sunlight/heat rejection.

Both interior blinds and shutters utilize horizontal or vertical slats made of solid materials that substantially block sunlight during the day. Because of the slotted openings between the slats, however, they are less effective at reducing loss of heat energy through the glass during cold winter nights.

Curtains and Drapes

Drapes in light or medium colors with neutral plastic backing are most effective, typically reducing heat gain from sunlight by over 30 percent. In winter, drawing heavy curtains can reduce heat loss through windows by about 10%. Other considerations such as choosing drapes that are full length or at least extend well past the window sill, as well as securing the outer edge of drapes to the wall with velcro, also increase efficiency.

Window Films

Transparent polyester films adhere to glass, making windows more efficient without blocking the view. The goal is to cut heat gain while admitting as much light as possible. Current window film technology can block more than half of incoming solar energy while reducing visible light by less than 20%. New low emissivity films also do a fair job of reducing heat loss through windows in wintertime.

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