Learn How Electronic Air Cleaners Give Pollutants the BootThe air quality in your Indianapolis area home is an important factor in the well-being and health of your family. While your air conditioner and furnace filters can trap large particles in the air, electronic air cleaners remove very small particles (as small as 0.3 microns), making them much more efficient than regular HVAC filters. Electronic air cleaners come in two main types; ion generators and electrostatic precipitators. Units can be free-standing or hooked up to your home’s HVAC system. Air cleaners connected to your HVAC system provide the most efficient and comprehensive performance.

Electronic air cleaners generate a high-voltage electric field that attracts dust and other particulate matter. The large particles are collected in the cleaner’s pre-filter. This includes hair, lint and large particles of dust. As the air passes through the pre-filter, it moves past the ionizer wires. Particles are negatively and positively charged and finally collect onto the alternate parallel plates. The charged particulate matter attaches to the oppositely charged plates and is removed from the air. Air leaving the electronic cleaner contains very few particles. This makes the air quality in your home cleaner and much healthier for your family.

It’s normal for electronic air cleaners to produce a small amount of ozone. Ozone can aggravate some respiratory conditions such as asthma. If someone in your family has asthma or another type of condition, you can ask your HVAC installer to include an activated carbon filter downstream of your air cleaner to reduce the amount of ozone entering your home’s air. You can also adjust your cleaner’s power supply settings, but be aware this will reduce the cleaner’s efficiency. For maximum efficiency, you should run your electronic air filter all the time.

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