3 Steps To Improving Indoor Air QualityAt almost any time of year, seasonal allergies can cause allergy sufferers to find refuge somewhere – anywhere! Improving the indoor air quality of your home is an effective way to find relief from allergies, but you’ll need to take the following three steps toward ensuring an allergen-free space:

Clean Have your house cleaned regularly, which is among the best ways to keep it free from allergens. If you suffer from allergies and you must clean, wear a mask while doing so. Here’s what you should do:

  • Vacuum floors
  • Mop hard-surfaced floors
  • Shake area rugs outside
  • Dust all surfaces in your home with a tool that permanently traps dust
  • Keep clutter to a minimum so that dusting is easy and quick
  • Store unused items such as blankets and clothing in sealed containers to minimize dust buildup
  • Wash bedding frequently

Use a purifier Combining an air-cleaning device with effective cleaning practices can really boost your home’s indoor air quality. There are several types of air cleaners from which to choose. Work with your indoor air-quality expert to choose the right type of system for you:

  • Electronic air cleaners – This type of device generally uses ionization to charge and trap particles.
  • Air-purification systems – Choosing an air-purification unit generally nets the best results, as these systems use multiple air-cleaning technologies to purify the air, such as a highly efficient air filter, ultraviolet (UV) lights and a catalyst.
  • UV lights – The UV rays in these systems target micro-organic pollutants, effectively removing bacteria, mold and viruses.

Make it whole house For optimal results, forego the temptation to buy a single, portable unit, which will provide a limited scope of pollutant-eliminating capabilities. Instead, choose a whole-house system, which works with your HVAC equipment to purify the air as it’s conditioned – and get relief from allergies throughout your home. Don’t let seasonal allergies cause you to suffer needlessly without a safe haven. Improve indoor air quality and get relief. For expert advice about ways to improve indoor air quality in your Indianapolis area home, contact Mowery Heating, Air Conditioning and Plumbing today.

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