Troubleshooting Tips for Your Home's Electric Furnace When an electric furnace malfunctions, you can dive into your system to find the problem. Starting with the below tips may get your system running again, so you can avoid waiting for a professional, while your home grows cold.


Check the fan setting on your thermostat to make sure it’s set on “auto” and not “on.” Keeping it on continuously will run your fan even when the heating element is off, which can make your air feel cooler and increase energy consumption.


Check the power switch for your furnace, as well as its circuit breaker. After resetting, wait for 30 minutes to see if it starts. If not, you may need a professional to diagnose the problem.

Air Filter

The air filter of an electric furnace is usually located in the bottom panel. Open it, and check its condition. A dirty filter can coat the inside of your furnace with dust, impairing its performance.  A dirty filter may also cause your system to turn on and off quickly before it has a chance to thoroughly warm your home. If dust has collected inside your furnace, turn the power off at the circuit breaker box before cleaning it.


When your thermostat and filter appear operational, you may have a problem with the fan. A broken or loose blower motor belt will keep your fan from turning as it should. You may need to lubricate your blower motor, especially if it’s noisier than normal. If you find an oil port, add a few drops of motor or sewing machine oil.


If you haven’t had your furnace maintained recently, have a professional HVAC technician clean and adjust your system’s components, since they rely on precision settings to operate efficiently. To get the most energy efficiency and dependability from your system, have it professionally maintained every year.

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